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“For My Brother on Down Syndrome Day” By Ace

Ace wanted to share the blessing of her brother and Down Syndrome with the world! For more Ace and Archie:


Jenny A says:

OMG this is too cute! Looks like Ace is going to be a good big sister to
Archie. :)

Lisa Gilford says:

beautiful L O V E – I cried. usually 6 minutes is too long for me I am
watching this again right away!!!!!!!

bkbori6 says:

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

KyriakiP ktzelly says:

A perfect example for all of us!!!

WebmistressL says:

My younger brother is autistic, so I understand what it’s like having
people think your brother is “weird” or “different”. But you have raised a
wonderful, accepting daughter who sees her brother as just that; her
brother who deserves to be treated as fairly as any other child. Both of
your children are very lucky to have each other as their sibling. Thank you
for sharing your story.

Joanie Faircloth says:

Although I absolutely loved this video and definitely shed a few tears, as
a birth mother who gave up my neuro-typical twins for adoption at their
birth when I was 17, I would really encourage you to not use words like
“rejected” as you did in the video about Archie. I do not know his birth
mother’s story but regardless of that, it is just not a good message to
send to adopted children and it is a slap in the face to women like me who
made the most difficult decision of their lives to give their child(ren) a
better future than we were able to do at the time of their birth. I am now
the 27 year old mother to a severely autistic toddler and still have very
regular contact with my babies placed for adoption. Basically, my little
family and the adoptive parents and my twins are one big family. They know
I am their mother, they call me mommy. They know that I gave them up for
adoption out of love. I wanted those babies so bad, it was so hard, I went
through hell during those 48 hours in the hospital where I had to make my
final decision and I almost changed my mind and kept them. But then I
looked into their eyes and knew that I, a homeless, jobless, broke teen
with no family support, could not give them what they deserved, they
deserved the world, and that is why I made the choice that I did. This
mother’s day, they thanked me for giving them a chance to have 2 amazing
sets of parents (adoptive parents and myself and husband), that meant the
world to me. Again, much respect to you and loved your family’s whole
story, but please be mindful of your language in regards to adoption in the
future :)

Mr.Mousawi says:

My fav part was 4min and 56 seconds in the video, the way arche looks @ his
adorable sis and gives her a hug ,, soooooooo cute !!!!! that should be a

Cocaine Kitten says:

Anyone else cry?

NHTU708 says:

Down Syndrome children are potatoes. Just sayin’.

Stacey Cavanagh says:

This is beautiful. “For My Brother on Down Syndrome Day” By Ace

ghostie7790 says:

I love how the parents have a white doll and a black doll baby for them to
play with

zekary asfer says:

so discustin.i cursed:)

Greggerman says:

You are so fortunate to have two such beautiful children.

Karen Kim says:

This is so beautiful and touching. I love your story and hopes it touches
many more people.

Anna Demchenko says:

i’ts raining on my face…=*( this is the sweetest thing EVER!

Jenny Lang says:

This is beautiful! 

nikkiimac says:

I wish I could “LOVE” this. So beautiful. We have so much to learn from
our children.

Jacquelyn Lara says:

This is the most perfect video on youtube & why I am becoming a special ed

Yasmine Schneiter says:

Absolutely adorable! Greetings from Brazil!

japanbrats says:

I just watched this. Hate to admit it the old curmudgeon I am but I’m
tearing up. What an angel Ace is!

Jade Nagaraja says:

I literally cried watching this video.
Kindness is what makes us human. :-)

Coni russo says:

<3 Beautiful!!!! <3

ayuwyn says:

awwwwwwwwwwwhhhh~ i can’t hold my tears anymoreee

ayuwyn says:

awwwwwwwwwwwhhhh~ i can’t hold my tears anymoreee

seven super gymnast says:

awww cutest thing ever 3:11 to 3:15

Bianca Han says:

they are so beautiful :)


the world should be like Ace, were people don’t try to change others

SkylanderMP says:

same here. just watched it a second time and tearing up again.

SkylanderMP says:

omigosh, i am a twelve-year old boy in 6th grade and i am tearing up just
watching this

Charles Guzman says:

You should not look at evil. When people dislike something it is because
their hearts are dark. Never focus on the dark. Focus only on the light.
Darkness flees from light and of course it ‘dislikes’ it. God bless. Keep
your eyes on Jesus lest you fall to darkness!

Charles Guzman says:

Wow! what an amazing family. Love you guys so much. It’s people like this
that will change the world for Jesus.

Nathalie Weader says:

You have two beautiful children. I love this video

Sabrina Westmorland says:

i was crying sooooooooooooooo hard

Sabrina Westmorland says:

i am crying so hard right now i LOVE YOU ARCHE U ARE MY HERO <3

Sabrina Westmorland says:

i love this one my best friend has down syndrome her name is deby lynn and
i love her i rot an esay so many times on down syndrome .god bless you

Filip Jošić says:

How stupid people can dislike this :O

ASignUponYourHand says:


sprinkleontop says:

the most heart touching video ever

B Brit says:

I’m actually a nanny, and I was asked to nanny a 1 =+ 7 month old little
boy and I was apprehensive at first, only because I hadn’t had any special
needs experience. He is such a joy, his parents really put his needs first
and he’s so smart. He knows Baby sign language, and communicates well. He
also religiously takes part in ALL his therapies and everyone around him
works with him continuously. He’s further along cognitively then a lot of
non handicapped babies his age I’ve worked with.

SparkyFirecrackerxxx says:

I’m doing a presentation on Down syndrome in the next two weeks, and I’m
watching this is the library. Bad idea, i kept smiling at the computer like
an idiot. too cute :) <3

sophia tollo says:

they 2 are sooo sweet❤

Fred Scales says:

they can be Funny At time.s to Kayla when they get on people Nervs

Fred Scales says:

it.s OK Melissa we are all Human they have there good day.s and bad day.s
just like you and me

k says:

god bless your family

Elena Feriani says:

I want kids!

Lana Meeks says:

totally blessed by this! Thanks for the share! We also have a child with
down syndrome. This is so sweet to watch.

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